Weekly Film Guide: 05.16.14

Here to take a look at the films coming out in wide and limited release this coming weekend. I’ll give you my thoughts to help you decide what’s worth checking out. Godzilla - The first real summer blockbuster is hitting theaters tomorrow (or tonight if we’re being honest). It was one of those movies that looked…

Weekly Film Guide: 05.16.14 was originally published on French Toast Sunday

Get A Good One - True Detective, Godzilla, Rocky, Arrested Development and More

Get A Good One is a feature here on FTS that showcases awesome movie geek buys from around the web. Tee shirts, posters, collectibles and more. Take a look at what’s good this week. Bushwood Country Club T-Shirt Crystal Lake Boat Tours T-Shirt Heisenberg Crystal Meth T-Shirt WoodBury A Zombie Free Community T-Shirt The Headless…

Get A Good One – True Detective, Godzilla, Rocky, Arrested Development and More was originally published on French Toast Sunday

"May I kill him?" #TheGirlWithTheDragonTattoo #DavidFincher #HappyCamper

Introducing French Toast Sunday’s 3rd Annual Scavenger Hunt!

Introducing French Toast Sunday’s 3rd Annual Scavenger Hunt 2012! Saturday, July 7th 2012. 11:30 am – 10:30 pm (Game play is from 12-8pm)

FTS SCAVHUNT 2012: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE EDITION Welcome to FRENCH TOAST SUNDAY’s 3rd annual SCAVENGER HUNT 2012!!! Have you ever participated in a Scavenger Hunt before? If no, our hunt is a game in which teams work together to gather a random assortment of items, as well as perform a multitude of tasks for points. The team that earns the most points in the end wins! The following contains the rules and necessary info to compete in the hunt. Please read over it carefully, as it elaborates fully on what to except from the challenge.

HOW TO SIGN UP! There’s plenty of ways for you and you team to sign up for the hunt. The easiest ways to let me know is to email me at lindsay@frenchtoastsunday.com, comment the facebook event or if you know me in person just tell me. Before the hunt I’ll put an updated team bracket up. The sooner you are able to sign up, the better.


  • Don’t be stupid. While some things on the list may seem law bending, we do not intend in any way, shape, or form for you to actually break the law. If you get in any trouble, we don’t know you.
  • Be creative with this list. I cannot stress this enough. We expect you to have a sense of humor, so if you see something on the list that sounds absolutely ridiculous, check the point value. If it’s worth an exorbitant amount of points or very little points, it’s more than likely something we expect someone will not do or you need to be creative.
  • No boundaries! Please feel free to move as far and wide as you please.
  • Only 1 car per team is permitted. This ensures everyone works as a team and does not split up.
  • A picture or video must accompany each action. Also, you must label each video with a title card (provided) for clarification. There’s no bending this rule. Anything not properly labeled will not be scored, sorry.
  • In addition, you cannot take a picture for an item. You must physically collect an item and keep it until check in. No points if you lose it.
  • The team with the most points wins. Points will be added up by the designated judges after the check in and at the end of the challenge. Points will be listed to the right of each item/action on the list and bonuses will be indicated at the right. Bonuses are added on top of the regular points.
  • Remember: Don’t be stupid, don’t piss off the law, and have fun!!!

We have a mandatory check in for teams to drop off items. Teams will also be asked at this time to upload the photos/videos they have obtained so far in the game to be scored as well. You will be required to attend the check-in or else you will be disqualified. At check in, points will be awarded to teams as they arrive and challenges will be introduced for teams to compete in. Bonus challenges will also be listed throughout the day on the site (frenchtoastsunday.com) and our twitter (@ftstweets)

TEAM NAMES / REGISTRATION Every team participating is required to come up with an awesome team name. The name will define your team as a whole and make it easy for us to identify you. Teams should be comprised of 3-5 individuals. If you have questions or concerns about this, feel free to contact us about it as something can usually be worked out.


  • A pen or something to write with
  • A camera with a memory card; at least one per team
  • A plastic bag and/or Ziploc bag (Not required but may be useful)

11:30PM: Initial Meeting / Debriefing 12:00PM: Game officially begins 04:00PM: Mid-Challenge Checkpoint (must be attended) 08:00PM: Game EndsDetails on the checkpoint address will be provided via email after registration.

THE LIST The list contains over 450 items/actions to find and complete. We obviously do not expect anyone to be able to get through it all but we like to have tons of stuff for you to choose from. Lists will be distributed at the time of the hunt. A downloadable copy of the full list and rules will be available as well. This year things are a bit more secret. If you are interested in participating but want an idea of the types of things that will be on the list, just let us know and we will give you a teaser.

SO, what are you waiting for, sign up already!!!